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Coppell Quick Pick

24 Hour Towing


Anyone who needs a tow truck can always count on Coppell Quick Pick since we offer 24-hour towing. You can call any towing service, but when you want quick and affordable towing service, you must rely on someone who will offer it to you, us! We offer motorcycle towing, RV towing, semi-towing, box truck towing, 18-wheeler towing, parking lot towing, low garage towing, and a variety of other towing services. We also offer useful roadside services, which include roadside assistance for fuel delivery, jumpstarts, lockouts, and more. You would be doing yourself a favor by allowing us to come to your rescue whenever you require a towing company in Coppell, Texas. We can continue to tell you what we have to offer, but why not try us out for yourself the next time you need a towing service. We're here when you need us the most!

About Us

We started our towing company in Coppell, Texas more than a decade ago. When the word got out that we were officially in business, we hit the ground running. We invested in the necessary tow trucks and wreckers to ensure we have what is needed to operate a full-service tow truck company. With the right type and number of towing vehicles, we can quickly accommodate the needs of motorists in and around Coppell. We work with a team of the most experienced tow truck drivers, none of whom have ever had a single incident involving a customer's vehicle. When you need a trustworthy, dependable towing service in Coppell, rely on Coppell Quick Pick.

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Our Services

Whether you need emergency or parking lot towing, you can always expect to receive our help in a hurry! We don’t waste time getting you the help that you want and need, which is why we offer 24-hour towing services. You can call us whenever you need us, morning, noon, or night. Our experts can tow small, medium, and large vehicles, regardless of the type of vehicle you have. We know when you call for a tow truck, the situation is usually unexpected. It is why we offer fair pricing for our towing services, regardless of the type of services you require.

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24 Hour Towing Service

Since you never know when you will have to contact a local Coppell towing company, you should always know who you can count on to be there when you need them. Many motorists have decided to make us their preferred towing service. They know when they do, they can expect us to be there quickly and deliver their vehicle to its destination without incident.

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Roadside Assistance

When you require roadside assistance, you'll receive it quickly when you turn to us for your service needs, whether it is a flat tire change or a lockout. You can expect us to be there with the necessary tools needed to assist. Our tow truck drivers have mechanical training, which enables them to effectively address your roadside assistance needs.

Coppell Quick Pick - Full Wrecker Service 2

Full Wrecker Service

When you experience an unfortunate vehicle accident, your vehicle may be so badly damaged that you’ll need a wrecker to remove it. If you do, you can count on us to provide you with it since we have several wreckers that will enable us to safely remove your vehicle from the accident scene as quickly as possible.

Coppell Quick Pick - Heavy Duty & Rotator Service 2

Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

If you are a truck driver or the owner of a truck service business, you must have a team of experts to help with your truck needs. If you operate an 18-wheeler or your own and operate an RV, you may need heavy-duty towing or a rotator service. When you do, you'll find it at Coppell Quick Pick. We keep our wreckers in tip-top shape to ensure they can carry the heaviest loads.

Coppell Quick Pick - Winch Outs & Rollback Service 2

Winch Outs & Rollback Service

If your vehicle has been run off the road or you find yourself stuck in the mud, this will undoubtedly call for a winch-out service. We offer winch-out and rollback services, which makes it easy for us to get motorists out of stick situations. We'll safely connect your vehicle to handle your winch out safely and effectively without causing any further damages. Rely on our experts to handle your winch out and roll back.

Tow truck towing a broken down car in emergency on the street

Tow Truck Service

When you find yourself stranded without gas or you run into something in the road and are unable to move your vehicle, contact our tow truck service. We have all that is needed to get you back on the road again. We will show up within a reasonable amount of time and offer you the most affordable services of any other Coppell towing service in the area. You are sure to receive the best quality of towing services from our tow truck drivers.

“When I found myself in a jam, I knew I could count on the guys at Coppell Quick Pick to get me out. It’s why they were the first place I called to help me out. I wouldn’t recommend you contact anyone other than these guys.” – Sam J.

“As a truck driver, I always keep Coppell Quick Pick’s number on me. They respond faster than any towing company we’ve ever used in Coppell. The driver is very professional and never leaves me hanging. They are the absolute best tow truck company in town. I know from personal experience.” – Tim R.

“I couldn’t get my car to start and needed to have it towed to my mechanic. When I asked my co-workers who I should call, practically all of them said, Coppell Quick Pick. I can certainly see why; they are quick and affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a wrecker.” – Sandy T.

Call Us Today

What good would our services be if we couldn’t provide them when motorists need them the most? We’re available to help with your towing needs around the clock. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your towing needs.